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Fair Play Policy

To make THE Earning Adda ESPORTS a fair playing environment for all the players we have some fair play policy rule which are listed below,

● The Earning Adda reserves the rights to block any user anytime without any warning if we found that suspect is using hacks/mods to win the game.

● The Earning Adda also reserves the rights to block users who manipulate matches by teaming up with other player(s) from other team(s).

● Blocked Users don't reserve the right to ask for refund or withdrawal of winnings, the decision is entirely up to The Earning Adda weather to process refund or withdrawal or not.

● The Earning Adda also have rights to cancel any match anytime via doing the refund to the participants in case of any technical error happens internally

● The Earning Adda can hold the payments until the players don't provide enough information asked for verification of suspicious behavior

● Emulators are strictly banned in normal matches, if we found players with emulators we have rights to kick it from tournament and we are not responsible for the refund in such case.

● Players below level 30 are not allowed to play any matches in such case The Earning Adda has full right to cancel the entry of such user without the refund.

● If players fails to join matches then The Earning Adda is not held responsible for doing any type of refund to that player.

● Above Rules may be changed/updated time by time.

By participating to any matches in The Earning Adda ESPORTS you're already agreeing with this fair play policy.